Head First

OK, I’m starting a blog. Why shouldn’t an officer of a public company start a blog? Hey, life is short. At some point, take RegFD to its logical extreme, and this is how we’re all going to be communicating anyways. Think about it.

Odds are, this is going to attract some attention. And not just from Mike Dillon (Relax, Mike). Even from some who may not know what a blog is.

What’s a blog? It’s basically an on-line journal – a whitespace – that updates from the top (most recent posts appear first) into which I can offer perspectives, opinions, and insights, and I can link to others and their views, etc. Others can link to me and send me feedback, creating a massively connected community and open dialog. Reality TV comes to corporate America.

Now if you’re like the folks I met at JavaOne this evening, it should be obvious the new team at Sun is busily returning to our roots. Driving change and pace, getting back on offense. The disruptive innovators. And we’re taking a few risks along the way. Conventional wisdom isn’t wisdom, it’s convention (Not my line, you get to guess who authored it). And if you know me, you know I speak my mind. And I encourage folks at Sun to do the same (please be responsible though).

Why am I doing this, starting a blog? First, I’m a big believer in the idea that innovation is self-sustaining when it loses its predictability. I figured I’d do my part to promote self-sustenance.

Second, to change the format and fidelity with which what I say is transcribed. No more comments from the pundits “in context.” Now you get them straight from me.

Third, to get unfiltered feedback from the community. If you want to reach me, I’m “jonathan.i.schwartz at sun.com”. I promise to read it all, but please don’t count on responses (I’m a bit deluged already).

What should you expect in my blog? Relatively frequent updates. Less frequently when I’m on airplanes (which is sadly quite a lot – can’t wait for truly pervasive connections). You’ll see thoughts on the future (but absolutely no forward looking statements – for all insight into our business performance, please refer to our regularly scheduled filings at the SEC). Thoughts on my favorite Web services. Even good reading. Maybe good eating. This is an evolving medium, time will tell.

I promise to listen – from all the constituencies we serve (customers, stockholders, developers, consumers, suppliers… all).

Hello, world.

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