Always On, that commodity word again

Might want to check out the conversation I had yesterday (thanks RM) at Tony Perkins’ Always On Innovation Summit — with Marten Mickos from MySQL, Roman Stanek from Systinet, IBM’s Rod Smith (who I keep trying to hire), and Zach Nelson. I, at least, thought it was interesting.

And in a similar vein, I know I stirred up a lot of people a year or so ago with this post, but to me, it still bears relevance.

Open source and free software are one of the most important social movements to wash over the IT landscape. Although they inspired an illusion of what “free” means, open source should be distinct from a discussion on commoditization, standardization and substitution.

Free and open source software are all about competition, and a new way of driving innovation. But please don’t let companies that coopt that moniker delude you into believing because they are open source, they are therefore an open standard.

OpenOffice is not a standard – it’s an open source project and product. This is a standard. Implemented by Microsoft, or by Sun, or by 2 enterprising developers in a yurt in Mongolia (which is serviced by satellite internet, but that’s another blog).

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