The Decline of Hierarchies

The latest column (via Robert Paterson) from David Kirkpatrick captures some of the dialog from Fortune’s recent Brainstorm Conference.

I had the pleasure of being on a couple of David’s panels, along with some pretty interesting panelists. One being MIT’s Tom Malone, whose new book arrived at my office yesterday. Having read a few chapters, I’d heartily recommend it – especially to those who manage large organizations (and fans of the Cluetrain Manifesto).

General Motor’s Tony Scott and Accel Partner’s Jim Breyer had some interesting thoughts on technology’s impact on the definition of front office/back office. We had an interesting debate on whether workforce decentralization complicated regulatory compliance, or enabled it (I’m in the latter camp).

From where I sit, that issue, the convergence of IT strategies, risk management and regulatory compliance (eg, whether SOX is primarily a technology phenomenon) is one of the most interesting, and important, trends to watch in our industry. More on that later.

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