Solaris on Nocona, Sun’s new comp plan, and other interesting items…

Just got an update from John Loiacono (EVP, Software) – in his words, “It’s alive…” – Solaris is now up and running on Intel’s new Nocona platform.

This is really good news for Solaris users – more platforms to choose from for customers running small, medium and large enterprise systems. Ultimate choice.

And proving our commitment to building Solaris as the cross platform standard, we’re now compensating Sun’s hardware salesforce for selling Solaris on non-Sun hardware. So if a sales rep sells Solaris on Dell or IBM, or even HP (Xeon or Nocona), we pay them as if they sold the hardware. This is a huge culture change, obviously. It also focuses everyone on keeping customers happy – and driving hardware choice. (And Fedora upgrades.)

I’m not sure we could make the point more clearly that we’re committed to making Solaris the volume leader on all systems – and building the most price performant systems a customer can find. How confident are we Solaris customers will choose our new SPARC and Opteron systems? We’re comp’ing our reps the same, no matter which systems the customer buys. We’re putting money where our mouths are. Want proof? Got a farm of legacy Xeon systems, supplied by someone other than Sun? Talk to your rep to license Solaris – and let me know how it goes.

Our partnership with AMD is going great – with all the design work and collaboration we’ve done with them on Solaris, running Nocona was pretty straightforward – it’s good to see Intel so faithfully following industry standards.

It’s a bit of a bummer that Nocona’s only available in up to two-way servers, though – love to see a 4-way to open up even more choice for customers. The way things are set, AMD’s got an early lead in 1 and 2 way systems, and they’re looking unopposed on 4-way and above. I’m sure customers are going to want some x86 competition!

btw, if you’re interested in some good geek theater, click here. Or here.

And just in… looks like we’ve just added the Microtel PC WalMart is shipping as a Java Desktop System machine to the Solaris Hardware Compatibility List. Customers should expect us to unite the Java Desktop on linux, on Solaris/x86, and Solaris/SPARC. One desktop, multiple platforms. It’s easier on everyone… most of all, ISV’s.

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