Nicholas Carr is not invited.

As you may know, I and my team have been focused on reengaging customers on Wall Street. Why? Because they’re demanding customers running demanding businesses, and they’ve got the money, and moreover the motivation, to redefine the computing industry every few years. Few other customers have that kind of technical or financial throw weight.

If you’ve ever seen my travel schedule, you’d see I spend a ton of time in NYC, talking to the folks we think are changing the industry. Moreover, I’ve got someone on my direct staff whose sole job is connecting our R&D and business teams to the top financial institutions. I get near daily (more like nightly) updates. Believe me, we’re focused like you’ve never seen. Like one of those little red dots.

This coming week, we’re going to be talking about returning to our roots with our Wall Street customers, in NYC. Going back to the customers that really helped to build Sun. Returning to the swamp from which we spawned. (I mean that with all due affection 🙂 I’m bringing most of my staff, as well. We hunt in packs.

One of the coolest gatherings will be our geekfest – an opportunity to rub shoulders with the people inventing the technologies that are redefining Sun. Hardware, software, service, storage – and business models. And I want to offer an open invitation to the developer community, especially the new JPMC team to come learn all about the rocket science in Solaris, the industry’s fastest x86 servers, chip multi-threading, and taking Java to the next level. And more.

Just send an email to to register. There may even be free beer. Speaking of which…


To the Open Office Community:

Please do not listen to the bizarro numbskull anti-Sun conspiracy theorists. They were lunatics then, they are lunatics now, they will always be lunatics. We love the open source community, we spawned from it. We’ll protect that community, that innovation, and our place in it, with all our heart and energy.

Just think, next to J2ME, OpenOffice is the single highest volume product we’ve ever delivered. In the history of our company. You know my views on volume. Dorking that up is not in our strategic plan.

OpenOffice matters. Moreso every day.

And btw, selling cash to Fujitsu, doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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