Happy Birthday OpenOffice.org!!

OpenOffice.org celebrated its fourth birthday today. Over tens of millions of downloads, OpenOffice.org received an incredible endorsement — the European Union recommended OpenOffice.org as the basis for standard file formats and document interchange. Chalk one up for open standards. The competition’s on the run.

Sun’s contribution of StarOffice to the open source community was one of the single largest open sourcing efforts in the history of the industry. Ever. Granted, I haven’t done a line count in a while, but it’s a massive codebase, managed and evolved by a global community of folks interested in enhancing, evolving, innovating and localizing the fastest growing office productivity suite on the market. Millions of lines of code managed by a global team, committed to affordability, universal access, and security.

No matter what the cynics say, since its inception, Sun has been a believer in and contributor to open source communities – after all, we were built on an open source operating system. Open source is in our blood, not just our press releases and billboards.

Congratulations, folks. No one can possibly doubt that we’re making a difference.

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