Customers are in Charge

If you ever doubted my assertion that customers are in charge, try reading this. (And this just for color.)

I believe Sun now has the industry’s most complete line-up of Liberty enabled Identity Offerings – and it’s obvious that the Liberty standard is in demand by customers seeking to secure and simplify identity interoperability (identity being the most fundamental of all web services). It’s also obvious IBM had to follow the market, or lose revenue. Customers spoke.

What’s up next? We’re signing up more ISV’s for Solaris 10 every day. On SPARC and AMD Opteron. More and more customers are seeing huge performance, utilization and expense savings – on Dell hardware, on Sun’s Opteron systems, as much as Sun’s SPARC hardware.

So when you talk to your ISV’s and partners, be sure to ask for their Solaris 10 shipdate – it’s the single biggest improvement we’ve ever delivered in a commercial operating system. And gives you an opportunity to run all your existing Solaris apps and all your linux apps unmodified, get logical partitioning (driving massive utilization improvements), fault management and extreme performance improvements – for less than the price of “free“.

And with Oracle, BEA, Veritas, Sybase, CA and Siebel – and more to be announced on November 15th – signed up and committed to shipping on Solaris 10/x86 and SPARC – there’s only one ISV that’s not listening to customers…

And finally, speaking of innovation to solve real world problems, I made my donation, did you? Talk about helping customers solve real-world problems…

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