Blogosphere’s IQ just rose

You’ll notice I’ve added a newbie to my blogroll (the column to the right), Greg Papadopoulos.

For those of you that know Greg, you’ll agree that the always rising IQ of the blogosphere just took a step function north.

Greg’s right brain job is to be Sun’s Chief Technology Officer. His left brain job is to be the voice of reason in Sun’s internal strategic debates. Leveraging both hemispheres yields wild ideas that somehow always turn into business opportunities. (To boot, he’s one of those rare individuals from whom the phrase “I told you so,” has never been heard.)

(After months of needling) He’s just added his voice to the discussion surrounding our choice to adopt a liberal license for OpenSolaris (vs. the GPL). At some point, those of you that aren’t up to speed on the vagaries of intellectual property licensing are going to want to get educated. It’s going to matter to just about every business on earth.

His first blog entry is a good primer.

On a related note, I’ve also added Piper Cole, who leads Sun’s public policy initiatives as Vice President, Global Government & Community Affairs. She was a cornerstone in driving the adoption of Project Liberty across the world’s governments (she’s currently focused on the US government’s fixation with options expensing).

Piper and her global team are now continuing to educate the world’s policy makers about the promise of open standards and open source. As foundations for national opportunity, technical interoperability, and economic self-sufficiency. And not just for operating systems, either.

Piper’s point? You can’t get locked out of the future with open standards and open source.

Greg’s point? OpenSolaris and the CDDL can’t lock you in, either.

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