Choosing to Participate

Of the speeches I’ve given over the past six months, the one responsible for driving more discussion in our customer base, on the ‘net, through blogs and media coverage (or Slashdot postings and Groklaw debate), is this one:

The Participation Age. (And don’t be alarmed, the folks at IT Conversations got the title wrong – it shows up as “Building Billion Dollar Businesses”).

Why did it generate all the coverage? Because competition – if only in the marketplace for ideas – is way more interesting than having everyone stand around and agree with one another. Or worse yet, sue one another.

The coverage was far more inflammatory than the speech. (Then again, my wife tells me I appear taller on TV.) But it’s driving education and awareness around open source licenses – and our decision to use a license for the distribution of OpenSolaris into which any code can be combined (GPL code, too, despite the pundits) – without obligation or constraint. All licensees are shielded by the entirety of Sun’s software patent portfolio, one of the industry’s most robust.

Like I say in the speech, choosing to participate is a good thing.

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