An Invitation to our Friends at Apple


Glad to see you’re considering a new platform for the Mac – seems like together we have a big opportunity.

As you know, we recently unveiled Solaris 10, the world’s highest volume and most secure UNIX, running on all volume platforms – SPARC and both AMD and Intel x64. We’ve seen a huge rush of downloads (topping 1.5 million licenses) – and as you continue exploring the x64 platform as an alternative for your users, the opportunity to join forces on an operating system seems readily at hand.

So I’d like to personally invite you to adopt Solaris 10 as the underpinning of the next generation Mac. We both respect Unix, both respect innovation*, and both clearly see volume opportunities in extending choice to developers. We’d love to work together.

And while we’re on the topic of developers, I’d also invite your folks to take a good look at the latest NetBeans – which offers features and performance that leaves its competitors in the dark. By offering a truly “Write Once, Run Anywhere” platform, you can simplify development and deployment without leaving any customers behind – even as you shift the underlying binary instruction set. Your developers can get it here.

Have a great keynote! You know where to reach us.



* it also seems we both respect the rotating window effect we implemented in Project Looking Glass, and you in Dashboard.


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2 responses to “An Invitation to our Friends at Apple

  1. Diego Calleja

    A solaris-powered mac os x would have so much sense now that opensolaris is open…they share the POSIX api and they’d solve the performance problems of darwin. I bet my ass Steve would have choosed solaris instead of mach + bsd if opensolaris would have been available at that time đŸ™‚

  2. It’s about time Apple announced they were switching to OpenSolaris kernel.

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