Top 10 Excuses for Why I Haven’t Blogged in a Month

1. June is the end of Q4. Q4 is historically our biggest quarter, and we were all busy closing business.
2. We were also busy buying a few companies.
3. To boot, it was Java One (see video here).
4. Sun gives everyone time to recuperate by shutting down the first week of July (whew!).
5. I took the opportunity to move my home during that week (I admit, a bad call).
6. Mother nature chose that week to bring the stomach flu to my entire household.
7. My telco failed to share any sense of urgency about moving my DSL line.
8. My new neighbors failed to see the appeal of running open access wifi.
9. I couldn’t bring myself to blog in a Starbucks (not just because they’re an HP shop).
10. I will admit, the topic I most wanted to engage around would’ve required legal consent (and a safeharbor provision).

But stay tuned. And to Sun employees and partners the world over, Happy New Year! The one forward looking statement I’m very comfortable making is: it’s going to be a very interesting year.

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