A Quick Update

I love America’s Thanksgiving. Frankly, I love any holiday that focuses on food. It finally gave me a spare minute to write a blog or two. Which I am now delinquent in posting. Forgive me for rambling a bit, must be all those turkey leftovers.

Last week, I did a panel with Charlie Rose, which like the article I just wrote for Harvard Business Review, will not be available on the web without a payment. How 20th Century. How Web 1.0.

But looking forward, I had dinner this evening with the CEO of a great web 2.0 company. His big issues? Not how fast or cheap his computers were (he was running on Opteron whiteboxes, using a home built Linux distro with a custom derivative of a popular open source database) – but instead, his power bills, heat dissipation, his storage performance, and managing a tangle of open source projects. How web 2.0 πŸ™‚ James is right, at least in my view. Sun will be the Dot in Web 2.0. No shame in saying it. (I, for one, hated giving up “We’re the dot in dot com.”)

I also spent today in Arizona at a tech investor conference, talking to investors about the impact of Solaris unit volumes and IBM’s recent endorsement (and how we’re hearing from HP’s customers that they’d like to see something similar between HP and Sun – happily, the door is open!). We also talked about our new 9.6GHz Niagara chip, running at 70 Watts – and a few of them had gone and talked to their datacenter folks – sure enough, power was a crisis for many/most of them, and Niagara is definitely on their radar. We plan on making that even more obvious next week.

And tomorrow, of course, we’re planning on amplifying our current successes with open source and volume distribution. If you’d like rationale on what we’re announcing, you don’t have to go far. Just read this, and this, and this. And this,” of course. We’re bringing it all together tomorrow.

On a more entertaining note, you just have to love the folks helping to build the Solaris community at Blastwave.org. Check out the lineup. See if you can pick the one that probably cares most about the performance optimization for file transfer πŸ™‚

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