FREE SERVER! Just in time for the Holidays.

We ran an interesting experiment not too long ago, when we were rolling out our first Opteron servers. We distributed a bunch of free servers to new customers, just to get them exposed to Sun. It had the desired impact – on average, the ‘return’ on the investment of a free server was an average purchase order of ~15 systems. So we gradually ramped up the number of free systems – like a free software download, it’s easier to close a sale with a self-qualified customer than an unqualified marketplace.

This was an especially effective means of acquiring new customers – a free server being a lot cheaper than a Superbowl ad (and far more effective at qualifying interest within a datacenter – you have to be more than a casual user to want a rackmount server).

So it’s only fitting that we’re rolling out the same program for our new Niagara based systems – just in time for the holidays. And within the limits of US export law, we’re going global: if you’d like a FREE NIAGARA SERVER, here’s how to get one.

First, if you missed the roll out, the new T2000 servers are designed to radically cut power and space consumption, while delivering screaming benchmarks (but not the floating point benchmarks, so don’t go running monte carlo analyses or modeling proteins – that’s where Galaxy systems are redefining the industry). Niagara’s performance is particularly impressive against Dell and HP’s offerings* – on average, the T2000 is 5x the performance, at 1/4 the power and space. We built these systems for what HP has said in the press they believe to be a niche: “the internet.” From web serving to VOIP or video streams, to pounding out database transactions, Niagara systems offer incredible throughput, running all the latest/greatest open source wares. While sipping power (typically a big expense for datacenters, especially in web companies).

To get a free server, just fill out this form.

And in the spirit of gift giving: the first users to deliver compelling testimonials on a publicly accessible blog get to keep their machine (the software’s already free). The testimonial (positive or negative), must benchmark Niagara to another chipset/OS combination in actual use. The Niagara team will make the decisions, and it’s in their sole discretion, but we’ve yet to place a limit on the number of systems we’ll give away (and we know there’s plenty of demand for faster servers from the frequency with which we’re seeing pages like this).

So good luck – and tell your friends…


* We all enjoyed the site HP put up to promote Sun’s Niagara announcement – it’s worth a good chuckle.

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