There are Better Conspiracies

Although I appreciate your concern, Steve, please don’t read in to my not being at Sun’s recent announcement with Oracle (or the Sun Founder’s retrospective at the Computer History Museum). I’ve been on a serious travel jag. I do appreciate the concern – if there’s a guy that pushed me to engage in dialog on the net, it was Steve.

For those that missed the press event, Sun and Oracle just announced a broad based reinvigoration of our working together – we announced a new 10 year partnership once again endorsing the Java Community Process, dousing any possible fear that the Java platform was at risk of fragmenting. We announced a special promotion for Oracle on Sun – through which Oracle customers can now purchase Oracle’s flagship database at 50% off by running on Sun. That alone is reenergizing our respective field organizations – a fact I saw firsthand last week in Mexico (more on that later).

And we made it a point to reiterate Oracle’s broad endorsement of Solaris as Oracle’s preferred 64-bit open source operating system. Amplifying the incredible momentum we’re seeing around OpenSolaris – we’re nearing in on 4 million Solaris licenses downloaded (in fact, I’m seeing startups migrating to Solaris, a huge positive we’re going to be amplifying shortly).

We also announced Oracle’s adoption and endorsement of NetBeans – building on the groundswell of support we’re seeing for NetBeans 5.0 (I just got a demo of our newest Mobility Kit – which was extraordinary, btw, for those of you that spend time working with any of the nearly 1 billion mobile Java handsets running in the world, or trying to connect them to enterprise web services). If you’re so inclined, one of Sun’s exemplary/most prolific bloggers, John Clingan, built a quick little mash up showing the world where NetBeans developers/users are, here).

So thanks for your concern, again, Mr. Gillmor. Much appreciated…

(ps. if you want a better conspiracy, take a close look at this picture – I wonder what logo was hidden beneath the black tape on Larry’s vest pocket… 🙂

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