Fabulous Team in Sun Mexico

I had a great (if quick) trip to Mexico last week – living in California, traveling to Mexico feels like home (except Mexico City is bigger than nearly every city in California combined. The traffic, if you can believe it, makes what you experience on our major highways feel like a walk in the park – the silver lining to traffic jams is you can ride with journalists and deliver interviews from place to place.

If you want to know what a winning team looks like, it’s this:

These folks have been focused on the education sector, and making fabulous progress. We spent lunch talking about augmenting our offer with OpenOffice, totally free of charge to students and administrators – in the classroom, at home, for their friends and families, too. Free software has the potential to save tens of millions of dollars in licensing fees, freeing Mexico and Mexican citizens to focus their investment on connecting classrooms to the internet. Not to mention hiring teachers and building schools. Free software’s not about politics, it’s about Participation.

I met with a series of customers – from the energy sector to retailing, banking to media. The challenges facing IT executives are becoming more global – and now that the infrastructure and networks can really support global scale, the solutions are coming into focus. And budgets are being freed up – that’s obviously country specific, but Mexico is definitely looking to invest.

Before my departure, the local team had arranged a town hall meeting broadcast across Latin America – during the Q&A, a few folks wanted to know what I was going to write about in my blog. I responded by grabbing a camera, taking a photograph of the audience, and saying “that’s what’s going in my blog – I’m going to brag about YOU.” Here:

The optimism is addictive… and again, great job, Jaime and Eduardo and to the whole team in Sun Latin America. If I were your competition, I’d worry seriously about all the smiling faces in the picture above…

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