With apologies for the up and down nature of a post I’ll be making later on today – we’re rolling out a new version of our blogging infrastructure, which is today demonstrably proving it’s “always in beta”…


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4 responses to “Apologies

  1. So Linus accepted the invitation?

  2. Well, I’m looking forward to it appearing. I’ve already referenced it on my blog and set it to various people in my company. But anyhow, if you’ve got these problems, maybe you need a new CTO? 🙂

  3. @ osgeek:
    Regarding to CNet, yes:
    “In an interview Wednesday, Torvalds indicated he was interested in the dinner date, even given the condition Schwartz attached.
    ‘I’m a fervent (believer and founding member) of the Free Food Foundation, and while Sun as usual has a few gotchas (‘bring wine’) in their licensing, it does sound like a good offer,’ he said.

  4. HENG

    So,I just read that one of your employees commented that Sun is an old fashioned company that uses email. Email has been around since the birth of internet in 1970s and will be around for a long time. Not sure if Sun or you will be around that long. Email has made us a lot more productive than before, especially when you attach Microsoft Office docs. Your should fire the guy who made the comment. It was not an innovative comment, but a stupid one. You should take advice from smart and savy business and finance people, not from a 20 year old geek who has no perspective about what makes the world move.

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