Thank You For Everything.

There are very few folks in the world of whom you could say, “without you, the internet just wouldn’t work.”

And it just so happens, Friday, July 27, is
System Administrator appreciation day – and an opportunity to find a sysadmin, without whose ranks the internet would simply not function, and shake their hand while saying, “Thank you for everything.”

Being in the technology industry for nearly twenty years, I have always had the privilege of working in organizations with great system administrators – truly passionate individuals that care about users, productivity, performance and experience. At all hours of the day or night.

I also know full well that among our most fiercely loyal evangelists, those that helped us through some of our darkest days at Sun, are the individuals that administer Sun’s software, storage and systems. From whom we get incredible feedback (and occasional tough love), brilliant ideas, and constant encouragement (it’s their handprints you see on Sun Connection, our provisioning platforms, and BigAdmin, our sysadmin community).

So thank you. You make the world turn, and on behalf of all of Sun, we appreciate your efforts. May you be swarmed with hand shakes.


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15 responses to “Thank You For Everything.

  1. For all german Sysadmins:
    Get praised today & in future on!

  2. [Trackback] Heute ist Sysadmin – Day, der Tag der fuer Systemadministratoren das gleiche wie der Mutter der Muttertag ist. Lobet und danket Euren Systemadministratoren! Sie arbeiten dafuer, dass diese Welt besteht, wie wir sie kennen.
    Da ich ja auch von einigen S…

  3. That’s a great way to remember the evangelists of Sun servers! A bow to all those Sys Admins world over. May the world turn faster with them!!

  4. gee, you’re welcome. If you bring me a cup of coffee then I’ll love you forever. Go here and toss in a Grande Mocha. Thanks.

  5. Johnathan,
    Right on! The SAs and field engineers are the unsung heros at Sun. IMHO they are also some of your best uncommisioned sales people!

    Thanks in particular to Joel Duvall and all of the other wonderful SAs and field engineers out there.

    Thank you,


  6. Oh, this is strictly a Sun sysadmin thing? I misunderstoood.
    I’ll go make my own coffee then I guess.
    – insert dejected look here –
    Dennis @ Blastwave

  7. spp

    Not sure where you got the idea Sysadmin Day is strictly a Sun thing. Sysadmin Day is an international event to recognize the practitioners of the profession of system administration. Whether we administer Solaris, Linux, any other flavor of Unix, Windows, mainframes, storage, security, databases or applications (or any other computing “system” I didn’t mention), Sysadmin Day is for all of us.
    If you refer to Bob’s comment (if he is the Bob Douglas I know), he just happens to be publicly praising some of the SAs and FEs that he knows, and pointing out the contribution they make to Sun’s success.

    LOPSA would like to thank Mr. Schwartz for his assistance in bringing attention to our profession and the many contributions its practitioners make to the success of the Internet, and companies everywhere.

    A great gift for a systems administrator, besides the obvious “Thank You” they probably never receive, is a LOPSA membership, signing them up for some special training, such as Sysadmin Days – Philly, or nominating them for Sysadmin of the Year.

  8. Lee Hepler

    Thanks for noticing Jonathan. (Sounds a little bit like the character Eeyore from the A. A. Milne classics I read to my Daughters all those years ago)

  9. Raymund Augustine

    A Great Big Handshake (and hug – if allowed) to Peter Conrad former Sysadmin of Webcentric/Meteor, Germany. A giant of a man in knowledge and deed. He introduced the black art of systems administration to me and lent me “UNIX Power Tools” which has never left my side. He was my inspiration later when I served at Munich Tech. University (Maths Dept.) as their sysadmin. LOng may he continue to inspire.

  10. For a lot of older sysadmins, Unix meant SunOS then Solaris.

    Sysadmin day is for all sysadmins – whether that be *nix or Winders sysadmins. Like the sysadminday site says, sysadmins get no respect 364 days of the year. Many people think we are glorified operators resetting passwords – as opposed to infrastructure designers and caretakers. It’s one of the reasons I got involved with LOPSA.

    I thank Jonathan and friends at Sun for recognizing us. I looked but didn’t see similar shout outs from Sun’s competitors (e.g., MSFT, IBM, et al) or partners (e.g., Google, Cisco), all of which rely heavily on sysadmins for their success, both in their own internal ops and in their customers systems. I did see thanks from Gizmodo, the BBC, NetworkWorld, the Register, and others.

    See you in 2008 …..

  11. *smiles*
    And, a big thank you to the Sun engineers, who help make it all possible. The first time I looked inside of a Sun server, I could swear I had an orgasm. Thank you Scott, Vinod, William, and Andy. Thank you, as well, Jonathan, for the NOW. Solaris is simply the best, most-advanced, server operating system on the planet, bar-none. And, Sun sysadmins are simply the best, period. Thanks!
    Here’s to the future! Powered by Sun.

  12. Sevena

    I am proud to work for that company !!!

  13. my self the most happening
    and i am for sure the future CEO of SUN
    or check out

  14. Oh, this is strictly a Sun sysadmin thing? I misunderstoood.

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