What I Said at our Analyst Conference…

Last week, we held a conference for leading financial and industry analysts from around the world. My keynote presentation is below – broken into two parts for ease of viewing. One analyst remarked, “but this is pretty much what you said last year.”

I responded with, “That’s the point.”

If you’d like more specifics on our financial performance (directly from Mike Lehman, our CFO), views from the marketplace (from Don Grantham, our Global Sales and Services) or specific product roadmaps (from the heads of our Systems or Software businesses), just click here…)


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24 responses to “What I Said at our Analyst Conference…

  1. Oscar

    I’m sure this isn’t the site for this question but if you know how I can write to Jonathan…
    I love sparc hardware, in my computer degree I used a Sun Elc for years.
    But I don’t understand the following question:
    Sun speaks about "open source" sparc processors.
    Sun give Open Solaris for free.
    Sun computers can use a standar monitor.
    Sun computer can handle a SATA hard disk.
    Sun computer uses similar power energy.
    Sun computer could use conventional memory.
    Sun computer can use a standart keyboard and mouse.
    Sun computer uses LAN standart conectors.
    Sun computer could has Sound Blaster like cheap audio device.
    Sun computer can use a good PC graphics car.
    BUT (and is a very simple cuestion) … why you don’t sell a 500$ sparc processor entry line computer (like sparc classic) for students, for home workers? why? It’s needed a 2500 $ computer to run a open source, open processor UNIX?
    This is a bad issue for Sun. Why you give for free Sun Solaris? Waiting I spend 2500$ in a machine. The price of your more cheap Sparc computer says to me you are wrong.
    Today 2500$ to own a sparc computer is very expensive to be "open".
    Do you think people could spend these money to Sun. If your product is good, please put it on the street, where people like my could shop it.
    Jonathan, open is open. I can put Solaris in my PC. But the single interest is into learn for the future. Linux can handle for my all the things that Solaris can.
    What do you think about an OLPC (or similar cheap computer desktop) with Solaris (perhaps modiffied) and Sparc (open, open, open). If these goald is imposible for Sun, then Solaris and Sparc today aren’t the best products, like a medicine for rich people.
    On every computer conference I wen’t last years, usually I speak with Sun workers, They say to me they don’t know why people don’t want Solaris. My response is: Solaris needs to be a single product, out from Sun website. Solaris needs to take on home device drivers like wifi. Solaris as the best home for Java. Solaris (with a modiffied GNOME desktop) needs to be a good home for opensource or free applications like Amarok, Google Earth, Picasaweb, J-spot,… Google makes lot of open source … has you ever seen any proyect for Solaris?
    Finally: Solaris needs user applications and Sun has to put Sparc machines on the street for these question. Then Solaris will be very OPEN.
    Sorry for my english, and sorry for put my words here.
    Regards from Spain πŸ™‚

  2. You go, Jonathan. If I had the extra cash, I’d buy some JAVA stock. I see plenty to be happy about with the MySQL buy and I’m looking forward to seeing how the Innotek expands Sun’s reach in the virtualization arena.

  3. Raghunath L

    you just spoke my mind.
    Why cant be a sun hardware be priced in comparatively , so that you can get a better market share.
    You can get the hardware specs open, and get it manufactured from different sources to drive the costs down.
    Think about it,

  4. Deaf guy

    I’ve been following Sun for a number of years. My cousin is a Sun freak (with good reason). I applaud your efforts. But do me a favor: consider those who CANNOT hear…and thus, cannot access the vlogs (as you’ve posted). If captioning your vlogs are not an option, then perhaps post your written speech as an option. Some say that my request is merely coming from a small group of people…I say that posting the written word allows those who cannot hear more access and permits all of us to share your vision. What do you say? (no pun intended)

  5. Steve

    Very Interesting. I like the direction Sun Micro is going. Jonathan, I am a fan.

  6. Jonathan,
    Thanks for all your dedication to SUN over these years. Am I wrong or we are not going to have Sun Tech Days in Brazil this year? Please, tell me this isn’t true!!!

  7. ilovefreesunhardware

    I would just love it if Sun would give away the hardware for free. Then you could just charge for support. I think everyone would appreciate that very much, including end-users.
    Also, when is Sun going to make a Sparc laptop (like OLPC)? Don’t you think Sun needs to get on that bandwagon as well?

  8. Mario

    The videos do not work.

  9. Andre

    Jonathan, Congrats, I think you have a very good strategy, but most of it for technology folks and very advanced people (next generation :)).
    I think in general people are not aware of SUN. Maybe you need a couple TV ads and Google ads (Sun server technology etc..).
    Look at IBM and HP everyone knows about these companies even thou Sun has much better technology etc…
    Good luck in emerging markets, Huge place (Russia,China etc..)
    Big fan.

  10. Feedback

    JAVA should have been valued at $1000 per share now because of the Sun’s assets (including management, engineering and products) and potential.
    If you think thats what the right price per share then thats the price it will reach due to actions follow to reach that number. Everything is in our thoughts. Many a times people don’t realize the effort required to maintain the top position which is many times more than it took to reach the top position.
    MySQL and VirtualBox buys are great growth areas for Sun.
    Sun’s roots are from Stanford and from Silicon Valley. Implies, Keep innovating is in the blood for Sun.
    I am sure Sun’s managers are looking into these areas. I am still listing my opinions here.
    IMO, Couple areas might need some more attention:
    1. JVM innovation is required NOT just adding JDK classes.
    2. Cut redundancy in the products.
    3. Be the best in class in any product (JVM, Solaris, Glassfish, MySQL, Netbeans etc etc) not just better.
    Grabbing a best services company will also add value going forward.

  11. tacc question

    why does the TACC website say that your sun cluster runs on Linux and not Solaris? http://www.tacc.utexas.edu/resources/hpcsystems/

  12. One’s choice of words can be sooo important, sometimes. One phrase that I did not hear, Jonathan, was "profit maximization". That’s the first thing I learned in musiness school. That’s ultimately what it comes down to. Bottom line. All of that innovation and technology is all well and good, but HOW does it help me "maximize profits"? Maximizing profits is the name of the game in business. Show me HOW I can do that with your technology, and my money is yours. Syntax is sooo important when you are talking to business people and The Street. On another note, regarding the distribution of Solaris 10, there’s still a lot of markets yet to be penetrated. Who’s in charge of this? Better start cracking that whip. πŸ˜‰ ~amidelasoul

  13. amidelasol , I agree 100%

  14. Tom

    You can download Solaris for x86 CPU’s and frankly it runs just like the SPARC software. You can use that to learn on. It could just be that Sun can’t make a CPU profitably at that price. You can find an older machine on EBay that is out of warranty and should work for you.
    Still, Sun is 100% behind x86 Solaris and you will find that it will fill most of your needs.

  15. ali

    netbeans is open source and why in Iran can not download this .

  16. It’s very interesting to hear how an analyst almost expected you and Sun to shift gears, relative to your message at last year’s conference.
    I had a brief stint doing IT support for equity research analysts in the mid 1990’s. And there’s actually an equity research analyst in my family (way outside of IT). There’s differently a personality fixation of always wanting bigger and better.
    But you hit the nail on the head with, "That’s the point."
    Sometimes the best course of action is not to change course at all.
    Too many IT companies have succumbed to analyst pressures to change course before they even got to their original intended destination.
    You make a very good point.

  17. Michael

    Hello Mr Schwartz >;)
    Since toshiba has put the final nail in the coffin of HD DVD. http://www.toshiba.co.jp/about/ir/en/news/20080219_03.htm
    Are we gonna hear more about Blu-Ray and java, from you(or BDJ)?
    Java is (almost) everywhere I gues. πŸ™‚

  18. sp

    One can download Open Solaris for low-end hardware to learn how to use the software. However, there is a large gap between this and what programmers really need to be able to learn to provide the next generation of Sun oriented systems builders.
    Two trends:
    – increasing number of cores&threads per box: the niagara family is leading here
    – at least in my circles, very high-end Sparc machines are deprecated in favor of scaling "diagonally"; that is scaling out using 4 socket boxes with significant memory and disk. This is separate but related to the flat out horizontal scaling of web workloads on lower spec’d boxes.
    Sun, as a systems company, is enabling this. However, how can programmers/systems engineers/etc learn to build and program these "at home"?
    Parallel and distributed programming is hard. Learning to scale systems is hard. Most software sucks at this.
    Young programmers learning to build software that is parallel and distributed, that takes advantage of the innovations Sun is introducing, will translate into later sales.
    Personally I’d love to buy a cheap coolthreads box that is setup to run in 2 modes:
    – a single box with 64 threads and a reasonable amount of RAM to try to build scalable software.
    – partitioned into a virtual network of smaller boxes to practice distributed programmer
    For the latter, the ability to, via some support in the virtualization software, capture and replay a sequence of events, simulate network failures (eg. partitioning and resolution of the network, packet loss, slowdowns), simulate node failures, etc, would be a lab for learning some real lessons about reliable software. Also suitable, in higher end models perhaps, to sell to development/QA teams to enable more practical and realistic testing.

  19. Those were some great videos thanks.

  20. xxx

    Blue ray and jave are definetly a good match

  21. It seems students are able to buy PS3 for $500 bucks it is funny to hear this generation make such complaints about a $2500 computer. I spent similar amount 11 years ago on Pentium based PC…
    The govt is hot for self destructing data centers! Go sell em’…I am sure some kind of contract can be drawn if company changes hands engineered or hosted data is destroyed. Take advantage of the moment.

  22. linuxrules

    Solaris or not, 80% of all my enterprise deployments as a consultant are choosing Linux flavors over Solaris. This is all based on empirical data, not my gut feeling.
    It seems that Solaris has lost its magic touch – I’m still a big fan but my career will listen and follow the market.

  23. solkem

    go sun great presentation maybe its because last year’s presentation

  24. Sun is and always will be "Numero uno". I bought few stocks of Sun because those people are really try to succeed in every way and with every product they made. They believe in themselves and because of that they can and will succeed in every aspect. I looking forward to see new product.

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