Thanks for the Tweets.

To everyone who offered ideas and suggestions via Twitter @openjonathan or #jonathanbook, thank you, much appreciated – keep ’em coming. I’ll do my best to touch on what you’ve suggested.


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2 responses to “Thanks for the Tweets.

  1. We will give thanks to you too 🙂

  2. Jawwad Ahmed Minhas

    I have been reading your blog at Sun right from the very first post. Missed your insightful takes on open source software (and hardware, too) for so many months!

    I wish you include a chronological timeline sort of portion in your soon-to-be-written book including (obviously) Sun Microsystems’ contributions made to the open source movement.

    Couldn’t wait a long time to have your book in my hands so better hurry up 🙂

    Have a peaceful life ahead!

    Jawwad Ahmed Minhas
    Islamabad, Pakistan.

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